DSS 5000P CVG 348
midtronics 100
Performs full battery & electrical system diagnostics.


  • Delivers more decisive results with fewer charge & retest decisions
  • Analyzes battery reserve capacity
  • Automated service apps enable quick and accurate testing
  • Includes battery registration function & reset prompts
  • VIN capture automatically identifies the vehicle and battery, offering related service info including battery location
  • Database driven testing creates a service history for each vehicle
  • Flexible technology adaptable to future batteries and systems
  • Detachable full-color controller
  • Full-color test results easy to share with customers via controller screen, email, or 8.5 x 11 printout

Model # MIDSS5000PCVG

DSS-5000P CVG includes a detachable controller with 5-inch full-color touchscreen display, tester pod with integrated printer, CVG-2BT convergence module, 2-ft battery test cables, charging/storage dock, AC power adapter/charger, lead stud adapters and printer paper.