Repairman 348
ISN 100
Hoist & Equipment Repair, Annual Inspections and Operator Training

We employ and partner with qualified technicians who are factory trained and have several years of experience and specialized knowledge.

CASE has hundreds of clients because we are committed to the best service possible. Our desire is to assist in the growth of your business through our service network and reliable trusted products.

Our technicians are responsible dedicated professionals who care about safety and the trouble free operation of your equipment. We can assist you in developing a preventative maintenance program to maximize the service life of your above ground and in-ground lifts, scissor lifts, mobile column lifts, heavy duty lifts, and jacks. We also service exhaust, air systems and lubrication equipment.

Our service department performs and documents the mandatory annual Ministry of Labour safety inspection requirements. Lift inspections are done in accordance with all current Manufacturer, ALI/ANSI guidelines, and the Ontario Occupational Health Safety Regulation 851/90. Our technicians thoroughly and accurately examine your equipment to maximize the safe service life of your lifts at the lowest possible cost.

We stock a wide variety of parts for almost all makes and models to reduce repair down time. We also keep all of your safety certification information.

We are one of a few lift operator training service providers in Ontario. The two hour operator training course is performed at your facility. CASE will provide you and your technicians with current safe lifting procedures. Technicians that complete and passed the course will be issued a certificate of achievement. Our service provides you with a level of comfort that your technicians are trained to perform their daily tasks safely and educated on how to maintain your equipment.

We want to assist you in safely increasing overall productivity the longevity of your lifting equipment.