MT3650 348
prema 100
Electronic wheel balancer with LCD monitor for cars, light trucks and motor vehicles. Versatile and precise, it is ideal for wheel servicing.
  • Simplified sensitivity calibration. The new calibration weight tool is applied directly to the spindle hub ensuring maximum precision and eliminating operator error.
  • Automatic end of cycle brake, automatic balancing position search and electric clamping brake.
  • Optional Easy Weight Program  includes:  minimum weight software that permits a significant reduction in weight by analyzing various threshold values based on vehicle type (the only one on the market).
  • Electronic acquisition of diameter and distance with the positioning of adhesive weights at 3-6-12 o’clock, set by the user. Due to the large empty space between the body and flange it is easy to reach the inner part of the wheel for cleaning and fixing the counterweights (optional weight holder clip available).
  • Laser pointer helps to position the counterweights more quickly and precisely.
  • LED light for maximum visibility of all operations (acquiring measurements, cleaning the work area and applying counterweights).
  • Surge Protection Recommended

Included Accessories:

  • 1 Wheel Weight Tool
  • 1 Caliper
  • 3 Cone Adapters
  • 1 Quick Nut
  • 1 Hex Key
  • 1 Calibration Tool
  • 1 Shaft
  • 1 Rubber Ring
  • 1 Centering Cup
  • 1 Spacer

Optional Accessories:

  • Outer Data Set Arm — External Sensor For Wheel Width Acquisition

Model # PRMT3650