ETNT130 3 348EccoTech 100
The ETNT-130 Nitrogen Tire Filling Station is the workhorse of the industry and is designed for the future when every tire in your shop will be filled with Nitrogen.

It is truly a “plug and play” system. Simply connect it to your shop air supply and pipe the Nitrogen to wherever it is needed in the shop. Its modular design eliminates the need to drag heavy equipment from location to location. Its large capacity, 120 gallon (up to 400 gallons optional), reservoir and quick regeneration rate will supply an almost endless supply of Nitrogen, at a sustainable pressure, even during spring and fall change over periods. Tire servicing is quick and efficient – “set the bead “with Nitrogen, exhaust the Nitrogen from the tire, insert the valve stem, re-inflate the tire to the appropriate pressure and move on quickly to the next tire.

Tire technicians will not notice any appreciable change in their routine. All ETNT-130 systems are delivered complete with POS materials, a supply of chrome plated ABS Nitrogen valve cap covers, and a Nitrogen Purity Analyzer together with installation hardware and manuals.

Model # ETNT130