BWK500 348
bw 100
Tire Stud Stand

Shelf for stud package, gun holder and support for tire stud feeder. Welded steel construction and stable T-shaped support.

Consists of:

  • TSIT-9
  • BWFP-9A
  • BWK-5A Stand
  • Base dimensions: 21" x 27" x 5'2" height

Model # BWK500A

Model # BWK-5A (Stand Only)

Tire Stud Gun

Is the standard of the industry. Automatic, light-weight, easy to use and maintain, the TSIT-9 gun handles TSMI stud sizes 11-17. 8mm and 11mm sizes also available.

Model # BWTSIT-9

Model # BWASKIT - Rebuild Kit for Stud Gun

Model # BWEYAS - Repair Kit for Stud Gun

BWFP 9A 348
Stud Feeder

Is fully automatic, fast loading and provides positive stud orientation. Feeds up to 225 studs per minute.

Model # BWFP-9A

BW4048 348

Is an inexpensive unit designed for fast feeding of studs to most tire insertion tools. Readily attaches with screw clamp, and operates by manually turning the feeder cap.

Model # BW4048